How to Find Deleted History

A track of visits to different web pages is kept by the web browsers you use. The web browsers store the Internet cookies, so that the browser can easily locate the web pages, that he has visited, in case he wants to revisit the web page again. Although, people opine that once the information has been deleted, it is not possible to retrieve the information, it is not true. One of the methods is to use search desktop operation. You can make use of search programs like Google desktop search. Using the keywords, you have browsed the Internet, you will be able to retrieve the information. The websites you have visited using the particular keyword will be displayed and you can look for the information, you want.

Finding Deleted History on a Mac

Finding Deleted History on Firefox

Like Internal Explorer has index.dat files, Mozilla Firefox has history.dat files. Search for this file in the Windows files and folders. Then download the appropriate software to read the history.dat file. One of the commonly software used is 'X-Ways Trace 3.1'. Using this software, you will be able to read the file.

There are circumstances, which force us to use shared computers. For privacy reasons we make it a point to delete both computer as well as Internet history. However, in case some data from the history is required, we are at a loss and do not know to do. The question arises, is it feasible to retrieve deleted history? Well yes, retrieving deleted history is indeed feasible. So how to find deleted history is the next question, that crops up. Before we get to how to recover deleted history, we have to understand, where is Internet history stored on the system. The Internet history is stored in the Windows registry. Apart from the Windows registry, the history is also stored in the Internet cookies. In this article, we will concentrate on how to find deleted browsing history.

Finding Deleted History in Windows

Using the information given in this article, you will be able to learn the how to find deleted history on different web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox as well as the Safari browser. Normally you will be able to retrieve the history. Only if you are not able to retrieve the history, then you may need to make use of certain software which will be helpful.

We have just seen, that browsing history can be deleted from the browser, it does not get deleted from the hard drive. To retrieve deleted history on a Mac, go to the 'Time Machine' icon located on the Mac desktop. You will see the 'Set Up Time Machine' tab, click on it. Here toggle the option from 'Off' to 'On'. With this toggling, the system data is backed up. Restore the system to a date and time in the 'Time Machine' to a date and time, before the browser history was deleted. Now click on the 'Choose Backup Disc' tab. You will have to choose the location, where the data should be backed up. After which go to the Safari browser and click on 'Preferences' option in the browser menu. You will see the 'Security' option located at the top of 'Preferences' drop down box. After which click on the 'Show Cookies' button, which will enable you to see the deleted browsing history.

Finding Deleted History on Internet Explorer

Every browser stores the information in the log files. The index.dat file is the name of the log file used by Internet Explorer. Search the index.dat file in the Windows files and folders search. The index.dat files are not text files. Therefore, a index.dat reader will have to be downloaded from the Internet to read the file. Once the software has been downloaded and installed on the system, you will be able to see the history, you are looking for.

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